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My husband, Dawid Dorfling, had an incredible legacy that he built whilst alive. A gift that I could not let die. I witnessed how hard he worked, and in doing so was motivated to continue developing what he built for me. I saw that he built an enormous following and that they would like to see the legacy continue. I can remember watching Dawid as he sat hour after hour, tirelessly working on his Entrepreneur Life Magazine. The magazine was his passion, and come rain or shine he continued to develop it. I can also recall a few times where he did this whilst not feeling well.

Dawid always had a way with words, and I took great pleasure watching him conduct interviews and meeting new people. He loved his baby (the magazine) and would never take a break even after I told him to. He started this business in November 2019, and it continued to skyrocket as time went on. Unfortunately, it took its toll on him, and he never stopped, not even for a minute to take a break. There was this one Sunday morning I asked him to spend the day with me, but his work ethic was so strong that he didn’t let himself rest. There was not a weekend, a holiday, or even an afternoon where Dawid wasn’t attached to his laptop.

Dawid’s attitude towards his work changed in 2021 when he decided to start planning to develop a team. The team would have taken the pressure of Dawid and he could begin to enjoy his free time with me again. But sadly he never got to do that. He passed away on 17th January 2021. It was a big shock to everyone that knew him. I felt lost, and I didnt know how to cope without him. We were so close, we were always together. Even if he was too busy working to talk to me. I was with him, I listened to him, I learned from him. I saw his passion and felt awe at his ability to work with other people. Those first few days after he passed away were a long blur.

One overriding thought I can remember is what will happen to the magazine? Will I just let it go? It was his baby after all, and a part of him still exists with me because of it. I couldn’t just let it go… I knew I had to keep going. Although I never helped him create the magazine (and I didn’t have his skills or knowledge) I felt determined.

I reached out to one of his colleagues for advice, and she agreed that we should continue his legacy too. Carodene reached out to some contacts that we shared. They came to my rescue. Within a few weeks, they helped me not just continue the legacy, but make it my own. We planned everything together, they trained and developed my skills, and we took action.
I would just like to thank everybody involved from the Explore Protech – Entrepreneurial Haven. Without you guys, Entrepreneurs Lifestyle Magazine, you have been my beacon of hope and guidance. I also want to say a special thank you to my husband, Dawid. I know that he’d be so proud of what I’ve accomplished, and he would want us to continue what he

We will make you Proud.

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