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Welcome to The Lady of Purple

The Lady Of Purple was inspired by a Vision impressed upon my heart to see women Unite, Strengthen each other, Grow and become a Recognised Driving Force in our various Local Economies.

This platform is an interactive, informative forum with the aim and intention of remaining relevant with purpose in our times exemplifying our Proudly South African Brand both locally and abroad.

The journey to being an entrepreneur is not always easy and it is my belief that through Confidence, Boldness and being fearless are just some ways that help drive us in our directions as we strive for excellence and reaching out to like minded women.  We have become Women in Leadership roles paving a pathway with our own uniqueness and individuality in creating a better tomorrow.

We embrace our diversity of culture joining forces in an empowering Journey, touching, uplifting others and being impactful in our communities.

As entrepreneurs we aim to help others through innovative and strategic solutions, making our mark in our workplaces and the World.

I take pride in my resilience and in my uniqueness aiming to always remain true to myself first and to be relevant and impactive to all those I come in contact with.

This is our Time to Shine, to change business as we know it, to be set apart, collectively collaborate, set our hearts on fire and reignite the flames of our dreams we thought unachievable.

My dream is to become a successful Entrepreneur, create a pathway for others and leave a Legacy that will touch the lives of others forever.

I personally believe that each person has their own unique ‘flavour’ and ‘gifting’ which just needs to be moulded into a dynamic driving force catapulting us into this journey of Entrepreneurship.

It’s time to redesign our lives, through Unity in the spirit of Ubuntu.

Join our platform The Lady of Purple and Glow Tv Mrs Uniworld SA Finalist 2021, let’s take a stand a time to sit down not only to expand but to challenge our perspectives but position ourselves in places of empowerment, build bridges that will create pathways aligning our passions with purpose.

I look forward to partnering with you in ensuring that your Light Shines Brightly.





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