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I absolutely love the digital world.  I remember from a young teenager being fascinated by the world wide web.  I pursued a career in electronics, and it was only in varsity that I learned how to build websites in the year 2000.  I followed my passion in web design and in 2014 took up my first paying job in Joburg. I relocated from Durban to Johannesburg.  Since then, I’ve been employed in a corporation.  In 2015 I took voluntary retrenchment so I could relocate to Durban and be close to my kids.  Family is the most important for me. I started my business with no budget and from scratch. It was not easy, but I joined a few networks like the BNI, and I met a business coach Kim who helped me with my own self-esteem issues. I had a serious fear of public speaking and getting a coach helped me overcome that fear.

I am passionate about transforming lives through digital marketing.  My desire to help those who have been retrenched, stay at home parents or school leavers harness the vast opportunity that is on the web.

The pandemic has taught us that we are more resilient than we think, we can survive with much less and we depend on the digital networks.



Sunil Sew offer coaching programs to help people get on their feet quickly,

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