Sharoné, a miracle.

My husband and I got married 26 years ago. After a year of marriage we decided to start a family.  But after a few years nothing happened.  We decided to go to the Doctors for help. After a few tests, the Drs said that the problem lay with my husband and that it will be a miracle  if we fall pregnant. But my husband didn’t cope with the medicine because it changed his behavior. So we decided to leave it to God. After 7 years of marriage on 7 Oct 2001 we fell pregnant and our 1st  miracle  beautiful  boy Weanrè was born on 1 July 2002 and I was 28 years old . 

I never fell so much love and thought that I could never love another baby. But after 2 years we decided to try and pray for a 2nd baby. We had 3 miscarriages. One little  baby girl I carried up to 13 weeks. And then seven years after Weanrè we got pregnant with twins.  But in the 1st semester we lost one baby. But the other one was doing great! In my 4th semester I started with terrible pain. I could not eat because  I wanted to die from the pain. Three weeks  before her birth my husband took me to a Specialist that works with gallstones. I went through a lot of tests that weren’t nice for me and especially for my baby girl.  After the test the Dr sent me to a Dr in Pretoria that will do the operation to remove the gallstones without harming our baby. I was so afraid that something was going to go wrong and I told my husband and mom that if there’s a problem they must let my baby Shanica live.  After the operation the Dr came to me and told me that they couldn’t remove the gallstones.  But he reassured me that me and the baby were fine and that we could go home later that afternoon. But on our way home to Klerksdorp I started to feel very ill and I told my husband and mom that I don’t feel Shanica moving.  The next morning we went to the Dr. And he told us that our little girl died under surgery in Pretoria.  He immediately called the Dr in Pretoria but he denied everything.  So 2 weeks before our little girl Shanica was supposed to be born she was murdered in my belly by the Dr in Pretoria.  After her birth on 2 October 2015, I was 35 and my Dr did an autopsy on her. I was turned on my stomach in theatre to try and remove the gallstones.  So she smothered to death.  We were heartbroken! And till today we are all struggling with her death. I lost a lot of blood with her birth and had to stay in hospital for almost 2 weeks and received 2 sacks of blood. 

After a year we decided to try again for a baby. But we had 4 miscarriages. I went to our local house Dr and he said something must be wrong and that he is going to take blood from me and let it be tested. After a week it came back and showed that there is a virus in my blood and that the virus is eating my babies brains and that is the reason for my miscarriages.  He did make a few calls to different Dr’s all over Africa who he knows that works with this specific virus in people. So I started with the treatment every month for 6 months. This type of virus can’t be killed but it gets weaker with every treatment.  Till a point it’s weak enough to get pregnant again. I waited a few months and we tried again.  But in 7 weeks we lost our baby. So we agreed that we are not going to try again and that we still have a lovely boy and that’s fine!! But one lady, Annemarie Pieterse, called me and said God showed her that we are going to have a girl and we must call her Sharon.  The Rose of Sharon.

We hold on to God’s word. At the age of 41 I fell pregnant!!! We were afraid but we prayed for our baby every day!!! Every month we went for a sonar to see our little girl grow. She was so healthy!! But at 36 weeks I started struggling with blood pressure. And at 37 weeks I fainted.  My house Dr called my Dr in Klerksdorp and we drove that same night to Klerksdorp. My 3rd miracle baby Sharoné.

What a beautiful little girl. Such a blessed family.

Thank you so much for sharing your Amazing story of Hope with us Karen.