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In 2012 Edna Cane Swanepoel  already self-published her own books. Three, to be precise. She wanted her books in bookstores, but the bookstores don’t work with authors. They work with publishers, so her dream started in 2012 to open her own publishing company.

She would like  to open her own bookstore and coffee shop. Where people can come in, look at the books published by Mecs Publishing and have some coffee. She was in the restaurant industry for over eight years, and she would not want to go back in that industry, so she will only sell coffee of all kinds.”BECAUSE I LOVE MY COFFEE!’ she said.

She writes Christian novels.” I am not a fiction writer, I take REAL people and turn them into fiction, so if you read one of my books and you recognize a part of YOU in the story, it is probably you!”

Her hobbies include going on date nights with her husband!

Books and people are her passion, so authors motivate her. To help them publish their work is a great motivation for her. She is part of their journey to help them achieve their dreams.

A message to other publishers:

It is hard work. Please make sure you do have the patience. If this is not your passion, you won’t make it.

Edna is an author with nine books. A lady who had dreams. Who started dreaming at a very young age. Unfortunately, she was in a horrible motor vehicle accident in 2006, and the doctor declared her disabled because she lost a percentage of her brain capacity. But the doctor declared her disabled, but the Lord “said I could write!” So, she just started writing again. Today she is busy with her tenth book.

 Edna Cane Swanepoel


Edna Cane Swanepoel

She writes Christian novels. And is a Publisher.

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