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I want to share an Amazing experience I had, maybe it will encourage you..

I have been exploring more and more and doing things I have not before.

To go on a kayak was one of them. Have you ever felt that you are excited and nervous at the same time to do something? 

That was me when I was invited to go on this kayak adventure. I really wanted to go on this adventure but I was afraid of the water. 

So many fears went through my mind of what could go wrong…but eventually I started to think why am I thinking all of this? If I started to think of how much fun  it would be and what an amazing experience and special memories I would have then I would feel more relaxed about it.

This shows you how fear can keep us from amazing experiences in life. Take the risk, just do it. If i didn’t take that step to do it I would not have had this memory of it. 

If you are like me and you have been wanting to do it go for it you will love it. This is also the perfect opportunity to take your family and friends with you on these fun kayak outings.

Mark lawlor will take you out on a fun adventure not be missed.

This is the perfect opportunity to spend special time together. Be sure to bring your camera with.


You can get in contact with Mark 0823763776

Spillers wharf in Port shepstone

Kwazulu natal


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