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Written by Nestene_Protech


Once in your life you are truly introduced to greatness in a specific industry and this is
exactly what happened when I was contacted by Nestene Botha and Peter Hingston from Explore Protech Entrepreneurial Haven. Nestene and Peter is based in the beautiful city of Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa but they have an international audience and reach as global online speed networking professionals as well as support from their UK based partner – co-founder and Chief Mindfulness Mogul at Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven – Andrew Wrensch. Nestene is a Registered Auditor, Chartered Accountant (SA),Tax Practitioner and Xero Certified Advisor with a Masters in Accounting Education and a passion for teaching, training, coaching empowering and uplifting fellow entrepreneurs.

She is a serial entrepreneur and one of the founders of Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial
Haven. It’s because of her vision for Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven (to save the global economy – one business at a time) that we call her our Chief Executive Dreamer.

From course design to financial management, tax structuring, social media and email
marketing and content creation she does it all. More importantly she does it all with a
smile on her face and a song in her heart because she knows that what they do at Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven matters. Saving the global economy – one business at a time – this is what they do! Peter is a specialist team builder and the Chief Collaboration Officer at Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven. Peter is one of the founders of Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven and has extensive knowledge in building, managing and growing teams through different methods. Peter believes that building a team dynamic is of the highest importance and, if done correctly they will not need your attention 24/7.

Peter teaches teams, or tribes (as he calls them), to take ownership of what they do and work together towards a common goal. “Many entrepreneurs, including myself, have made the mistake of building a team towards themselves and not towards each other. Building the TRIBE so that the TRIBE takes care of the TRIBE – that is where the magic starts to happen.”- Peter Hingston. Years of experience has ingrained in Peter’s mind the firm belief that even those individuals that have traditionally been termed as ‘unmanageable’, ‘difficult’ or ‘opinionated’ have the power within them to become “Golden Individuals”, as Peter calls them.

These individuals are normally hard working, dedicated and focused on achieving their
dreams, but, for whatever reason, struggle to excel under traditional/ current leadership.
By giving them a common goal and a family (TRIBE), with just a little support and guidance, it enables them to become part of and work with their TRIBE to share in the successes that only a global TRIBE can achieve. This is one of the cornerstones of the success of Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven. Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven is a home, a safe space, built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. What happens when you introduce three entrepreneurs, each an expert in their own right, industry, sector and country, during a time in business when the global economy is being ravaged by an unstoppable pandemic that sweeps across nations, forcing small businesses to their knees? Well they start saving the global economy, one business at a time, ofcourse.


Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven was created for these businesses. It offers support to entrepreneurs in innovative ways.

Their service offering combines the best of all their areas of expertise and offers this with a lot of love, understanding and support to the entrepreneurs they work with. What makes Explore ProTech a true entrepreneurial haven is not just what they offer, but how they offer it. Community, care and innovation those are their primary values – and they strive to comply with them in everything they do – and it SHOWS. “We believe, now more than ever, that the path towards a better and brighter future for all of us is in supporting our economicwarriors so that they can fight boldly and bravely on the frontline of the battle against the onslaughts on our global economy. This is our heart and our future.” Nestene Botha (CA)SA RA Entrepreneurs Life Magazine was invited to Explore ProTech’s Global Online Speed Networking event that took place on the 31st of October 2020 and we can testify first hand that the event was nothing short of amazing!. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life, all over the world and different professions were allowed to meet, pitch their elevator pitch and network after the event. This has been one of the best networking events we have ever attended- hands down.

The fact that so much business got done at and immediately after the event, was almost just the cherry on top” – Dawid Dorfling, editor of Entrepreneurs Life Magazine.
Explore Protech offers everything an entrepreneur could ever need in business as
services to the public and their members. These include, but are not limited to:
Training and Courses
“We don’t like to brag, but the term most often used to describe our training courses is
“life changing”. We offer both once-off and lifelong learning opportunities.” Nestene Botha
Networking and Marketing
As serial entrepreneurs the founders of Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven we understand the value of community based marketing and networking with like-minded
people, which is why they have created the perfect global playing ground for you to do just that.

Digital Services
From SEO optimisation, to getting noticed on social media; Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven’s digital services offering provides the perfect support to their entrepreneurial community. Saving the global economy – one business at a time.

Chartered Accounting
The magic is in the numbers and the numbers don’t lie, but you don’t have to do the number-crunching and global tax structuring yourself. That is what Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven’s Chartered Accounting Services proudly powered by Howard, Joel and Company is for.

If you’d like to find out more about any of these services or if you’re in a space where you
recognise the value of collaboration with a truly global, authentic, fun and effective TRIBE that works together towards achieving practical results for ALL Tribe Members your first next step should be to meet with the founders of Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven at their next Global Online Speednetworking event.

Networking Event.
Get your ticket here:
global-online-speed-network ing-events-subscription.
If you are not NETWORKING then you are NOT working. Now is the time to connect with a network that will move you and your business to the next level.
Interview by Dawid Dorfling

About the Author

Nestene Botha. Registered Auditor, Chartered Accountant (SA) tax, Practitioner & Xero Certified Advisor with a Masters in Accounting Education and a passion for teaching, training,coaching empowering and uplifting fellow entrepreneurs.

Peter Highston teaches teams. Also founder of Explore protech. ‘Sniper’

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