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Heather grew up in a small village called Mount Edgecombe. The use of the word village relates to that of a place we associated to a long time ago. She had an amazing and adventurous childhood. She was not one for floppy dolls or Barbie dolls however she did learn how to service her first car. She loved fishing in the dams, building soap box cars and building forts in the forest. Mostly she kept a distance from her mother who often attempted to domesticate her.

She travelled to Affilton on a donkey cart and on bad weather days she would arrive at school with the splatters of mud on her clothing. Her high school days were spent at Danville Girls High, situated in Durban North, KZN. 

At the age of 20 she bid her family farewell as she set off for a few months to travel and explore other countries. She visited many parts of the UK and while on her travels she met her future husband who played for Southampton football club. Most of the players she met where from the early 80’s and this lead to a life of living in the fast lane.

After travelling through the UK she began to explore other countries from the East coast of Concorde to Miami and in between she stopped off at several places like Disney World, New York, Washington, and the Niagra falls. Her life of travels on the Greyhound Busses were certainly interesting ones. It comprised of much adventure, funny and sad stories whilst meeting some wonderful and strangely demented people. She also travelled briefly through France and on her return to South Africa she had one thing in mind, and that was to save and travel again. But this all changed when she fell in love and married her husband. 

In her spare time she was a police reservist, worked with ChildLine, became one of the founder members of Help desk for abused women and counselled many people through their challenges. Her work was all voluntary but gave her great insight into the real world out there as she has led a very sheltered life in the Village of Mt Edgecombe while growing up.

Heather worked for 43 years consistently without time out as in these times maternity leave was not an option. You either came back soon after birth or took time out of work.  She worked in the sugar industry with Tongaat Hulett and SA Cangrow. These were great companies to work for and she gained much experience. Following this she went into the Building industry spending 3 years with Tech Devy.

Later she moved into the short term Insurance industry and worked in this industry for 18 years. These were times when there was an escalation in murders & takeovers however she did love working in the financial services industry. During her time in this field she was trained and mentored in such a way that it now enables her to mentor others from her  incredible toolbox of experience that she still carries with her today.

Over her 43 years of work experience, she predominantly worked in Finance, managing accounts, credit control and of course the love of her life, human resource management. This flowed into her passion of mentoring and coaching people. Having said this though it was the Ad Hoc Project Management roles that she managed through the re-branding integration mergers and takeovers that brought her the most recognition.

Heather spent 2 years project managing the building and furnishing of the offices of the Mutual and Federal Building which is now the Old Mutual Insurance Company at Westway Park in Westville. At the end of the project it took them 48 hours to relocate 280 people from five different locations, assuring that all operations were successfully implemented and running smoothly. This was one of her proudest moments.

The building won awards for its design and furnishings adding to her success and opportunities offered from there. During her time as General Manager heading Human Resources and her position as a group Manager at Herton Carter she got to use all the tools in her toolbox. She got to see the best and worst of what it meant to be working in the corporate world.

Her life changed direction in 2012 for several personal reasons. This lead her onto the most incredible journey of her life. As her spirituality grew she began to feel like a fish out of water.

According to her the universe was telling her something but clearly she wasn’t listening, only when she lost her Dad someone gave her a book to read called “The Journey of the Souls”.

After reading the book she took a course on “past life regression”. She then practiced it on her son and it was greatly successful. Within a week she signed up for a 1 year course & wrote her exams. In March 2014 she opened up a part time practice.

So, during the week she was a Credit Manager and on Sundays she was a Hypnotherapist.

She came to love doing hypnotherapy and loved helping people. As so many people are  misinformed about what Hypnotherapy really is she felt a desire to do this full time wanting to make a difference in this area of therapy.

In November 2020, she started up a one Woman business. She then joined BNI that has been a phenomenal business network platform helping her gain the added knowledge and support she needed to run a successful business and practice. Further, she encourages us  to read the book  called “The 8th Habit” by Stephen Covey.

Heather is a Amazing woman driven to help others.

Heather Fountain


Heather Fountain advanced level practitioner and member of the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy (SAMHA) as well as being affiliated to the Guided Meditation Therapy Institute of South Africa (GMTI).

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