Unleash Your Inner-Potential
At first glance when you meet Madelaine you see the lady with a history of great success and knowledge until she starts sharing her story and you learn to see the trouble, heartache and pain she had to endure to get to where she is today.
Madelaine comes from Durban in Kwazulu-Natal where she ran a Top 10 company that
developed people to go into the transport industry. Her business was focused on executive placements. Her company was featured many times in the newspapers for the achievements they made. In this time period Madelaine lost her brother, husband and
father. In this period Madelaine was forced into “hiding” for almost 7 years due to a crime syndicate that targeted her business.

This period of time in Madelaine’s life is what she calls the dark night of her soul and in this time is where her program I am Possible was born.

“Every step that I had to take to heal my life is a step I took to develop this program”.
The different areas of the program comes from the different areas of Madelaine’s
life where she needed healing and growth in.
The program is based on science, mindset, self mastery and it is how the mind, body and soul works. Madelaine combines everything into simple and easy to use workshops so that all her clients can use it and follow it. Society teaches us to always look for validation on the outside while the program teaches us that everything comes from within. “I was thinking that it is not possible, that I am not possible. I lost my wealth, my business, my family and on many occasions I just wanted to end it all”.
Madelaine continues to tell us that she blamed God for what was happening to her and while sitting and asking herself ‘How do I get out of this’her inner voice spoke to her and told her it is possible.

What is the “I AM” POSSIBLE PROJECT about?
It is about stepping into your greatness 1:1 Coaching Program.
Transpersonal Coaching and Teachings helping Clients at a deep rooted level to find
themselves, believe in themselves, love and accept themselves, overcome fear and
doubt, depression and anxiety, creating better relationships, finding their voice and stepping into their Authentic Power – Activating their “I AM” POSSIBLE.
Overcoming abuse, trauma and self-hate. 3, 6 and 12 Month
Programs designed for each Client to address specific outcomes.
For Group Coaching, Workshops and retreats.

COMPANIES Is designed for Emotional Wellness Packages for Companies, to assist the Staff with their Personal Growth, Motivation, Performance levels and Alignment with their Goals.
Madelaine works with Leaders, CEO’s, Directors, Executives, Abused Women, Entrepreneurs and Coaches. Everything they do in life is an extension of WHO we are, WHAT we believe we are, and WHY we believe we do what we do!
All my work starts with an assessment of the WHO, WHAT, and your WHY so that Madelaine can guide you towards the Transformation that you would like to experience.

Madelaine can be reached on the following details:
~ Unleash Your Inner-Potential
Mobile: +27 (0) 82 880 0227

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