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How to Become the Boss of Your Future: Bad@ss Edition

You want to be an entrepreneur. You have a business plan, and the experience to deliver all the value you promise. 

So what are you waiting for? No seriously, what’s keeping you from chasing your dreams? 

O yes, fear. You’re unsure about the outcome and all the challenges are keeping you from seeing the real potential.

As an entrepreneur who said goodbye to the corporate world and turned her side business into her main business, I know the feeling. 

But I can also tell you from experience that it wasn’t that difficult. That’s because I know my strengths, and I choose to focus on them, instead of fear. And it works, because here I am today, going strong!

If you’re feeling stuck, I’d love to share some tips with you. These have helped me get out of my comfort zone towards my dreams, and I believe they can do the same for you.

1. Surround yourself with people who feed your flame

I believe people are more similar to candles than we realize. We have a flame – that thing that keeps us burning bright, and basically fuels everything we do. Then we have a wax – the part of us that can support the flame, but also snuff it out.

Staying away from negativity is the most important step in this progress. Negative people want to focus on your wax and even though it seems like they are helping, their contributions don’t amount to much.

Instead, be with people that support your flame, inspire you, give you a hand to move forward, and make you burn brighter.

2. Hit home runs                                   

The phrase “home run” is often used to demonstrate an impressive feat of success. In entrepreneurship, home runs are possible through networking. 

You can not network enough as an entrepreneur. And the key that works for me is, not to sell to the audience, but rather to work through them. Shocking, I know. 

You can work through your network by educating them about your business and services so that they can market on your behalf. And with a little effort, your trusted network can be your eyes and ears in the market. BOOM! Word of mouth referrals on tap.

Networking for me is like having a gym membership. The reason is that they both require you to work on yourself.

In the gym, you have the equipment to help you out, trainers to assist you, water-coolers for hydration, and other members for moral support. 

A trusted network offers all of these benefits to entrepreneurs. You will find business coaches, copywriters, life coaches, health and wellness specialists, and self-development experts in the network who will support you and help you grow as an entrepreneur. 

This journey is not a one-seater spot; it is a bus and that means sharing and complementing each other along the way. By relying on your network and letting them rely on you, you will hit home runs faster than expected!

3. Getting clients from scratch

People always say, “I don’t have prospects” and “I can only find leads by paying someone.” These are all lies. You can actually start a database of prospects with, wait for it, the people you know already!

Surprising? I thought so too at first. 

But think about it. You’ve already built credibility with them, so they trust you. Now that you’re striking out on your own, you can give them a call and tell them about your new venture. 

Remember our networking strategy here: Not selling but educating them about your new business. 

By sharing your new business with them, they may hire you. But the aim here is for them to know about you, and for them to be your eyes and ears. This right here will give you visibility with people who trust you already. 

I know it’s difficult to imagine, but you’ve got everything going for you. Remember to K.I.S.S  (Keep It Simple Stupid) and never give up!


Janine Lingenfelder Virtual Assistant





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