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Hi. My name is Natalie Joel. I had battled for years with gaining a lot ( and I mean A LOT!!!) of weight and struggling to lose it, and keep it off. I was finally suggested to try keto, or banting as it is known in South Africa and my word, this was so magic!!!

However, magic does not just happen!!! So how do I wave the magic wand to help you to lose your unwanted weight, or help you with other issues you may have?

The very first thing we have to realise is that it has to come from within! YES! If you are not open to receiving new ideas, according to German psychotherapist, Fritz Pareles, the pioneer of Gestalt theory, then nothing anyone says will penetrate. As Kaine Ramsay says, a person will not change his thoughts and ideas until the desire to change becomes greater than their desire to remain the same. So, if one wants to lose weight, but has no interest in stopping eating all the foods that cause weight gain ( and health loss!!) No amount of coaching will help the person. Once we internalize that yes we do want to improve, in whatever it is we have an issue with, and we are prepared to change our lifestyle or thoughts or actions to achieve this, only then will we be receptive and more open to the coach who is willing to help us.

So before you decide that you have tried everything but nothing works, think….. Are you the biggest saboteur for your issues you want to solve? Are you blocking yourself from trying to improve your situation? When you find what it is that is stopping you from doing what you think you want to do, you will find that you will suddenly become more open to suggestions and help and all the coaching will suddenly start feeling as positive steps and not as personal attacks against yourself!

Wishing you all the best in making you into the Best You!

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