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Title: The Getting Things Done Workbook

Subtitle: 10 Moves to Stress-Free Productivity

Authors: David Allen and Brandon Hall

Publisher: Piatkus, 2019

Pages: 210pp

Summary: For fans of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) organisational methodology, this book helps solve problems practitioners face as they implement the system. Each chapter deals with a particular challenge, such as being overwhelmed by too many to-do lists, a constantly cluttered workspace, and email overload.

Comments: Through 2021, my income has steadily increased. With higher earnings comes greater responsibilities. My GTD system (something I’ve used since 2006) “broke” as I struggled to keep up with all the emails and ideas coming my way. As a result, my email inbox sits at 4,636 unread emails (and that’s not counting emails opened but still unprocessed). My workspace (aka as my bedroom) has been cluttered with manilla folders and scraps of paper and mail. Implementing The Getting Things Done Workbook has allowed me to get on top of all these inputs and commitments. The first step is collecting all your physical items into an in-tray; the book recommends one for work and one for personal. Any action you can take in less than two minutes should be done at any step of the process.

Author Daniel G. Taylor

Franchise Industry Copywriter

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