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Title: Futureproof

Subtitle: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation

Authors: Kevin Roose

Publisher: John Murray (Publishers), 2021

Pages: 217pp

Summary: You may have heard that AI has the potential to do some severe damage to our civilisation. In the worst case, melodramatic fantasies like Skynet dominate. But “suboptimist” Kevin Roose, a technology columnist for The New York Times, remains optimistic, at least about the technology side of things. His concern is mercenary entrepreneurs. Such people don’t consider the consequences of their creations.

Comments: As a copywriter, I thought I was in a profession safe from the rise of AI. Maybe not. AI is writing articles of reportage and even op-eds. (When The Guardian used an AI to write an op-ed about AI, they found it required no more editing than a piece written by a human). The soul of Futureproof is how to make yourself indispensable by focusing on the things you can bring to your work that are uniquely human. To carry out this aim, Roose outlines nine rules to making your human dent in the world. Compelling read!

Daniel G. Taylor is a franchise industry copywriter based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s been reviews editor for entrepreneurial magazines since 2007.

Author Daniel G. Taylor

Franchise Industry Copywriter


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