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I first  began Domantra Designs in 2016, wanting to become more financially stable for myself and the family. At that stage I had been in the design industry for about 13 odd years and knew that I had the experience.

However, having moved down to the Lower South Coast (South Africa) just a few short years before ended up being my demize – not enough contacts. As they say, it’s who you know . . .

And I ended up working for a boss again, but that dream never really left my mind. 

So when Covid-19 hit in 2020 and businesses took a knock (plus me having to work from home for safety and company savings), I saw an opportunity to try again. And try again! This time it worked and my business began to boom! Not just because of sheer determination, but also due to the fact that I am not one who is willing to charge people an arm and a leg to create or adapt your brand. And now I had many, many contacts willing to support me . . .

One of the companies that was willing to support me was Entrepreneurs Life Magazine (Dawid Dorfling). We built a wonderful working relationship in the few months that I knew him (and the next magazine was a true success). But then, unexpectedly, Dawid caught Covid-19 and tragically passed away. However, Leonie (his wife) was determined to keep the legacy alive, and so we embarked on doing just that. We revamped the look and name a bit (becoming Entrepreneurs Lifestyle Magazine – making it all about balance in business and life). This one was a tribute to Dawid and the response was truly heart-warming! 

And now the magazine is fully digital, making waves and opening up new doors . . . 

Starting a business was definitely a challenge, due to Covid and financial restrictions, but my family and I saw an opportunity and we banded together to make it work. Times have been tough, but now we are able to cover the extra bills and a bit more – giving us a chance to start living life and not just hand-to-mouth. 

And yes, entrepreneurs end up working longer hours and it can also be at the most inappropriate times, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Family now comes first, and one is able to adapt your time to suit it better. But what also is truly amazing, is that you can run your business according to your morals and standards and are able to make those life changing choices on your terms.

So, take that risk, and even if you mis-step at first, try again. There are lessons to be learned and one never truly fails until you give up! The one thing that I have learned and stands true the most is the power of networking and the power of teamwork – this can take you and your business to the next level! And remember, you are your company, if you do not balance life, things come tumbling down – all of it (you, your family and your business).

Carodene Hillier

Domantra Desighns


Carodene Hillier Graphic designer at Domantra designs.

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