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DARE2BE The Best Version of Yourself In this world, you will find people that will change your life forever and this is exactly what Steven Levy does. Steven shared how sport played a massive role in what he took into business, leadership and personal development. Team Sport revealed the importance of Teamwork and that “each individual has a unique gift or talent to contribute to the team.

Individual sports helped him realise that “we are able to push ourselves further than we believe…’

” Steven is not under any illusion that it is an easy journey. Besides many other challenges, some created by Steven himself, he had burnout twice, went into depression once, lost money put aside for retirement in an investment that his ex-broker put him into and had his fair share of successes and failures in the world of business!

He sees the positive in the lessons learnt from these experiences. This is what makes Steven see the unexpected challenges we will face in life, from a different perspective.

As he explains, “This aligns to one of my natural themes of talent, in fact my top one – “Restorative” – meaning “I love the challenge of restoring and bringing things back to life, and in turn transforming business from survive to thrive.

Steven comes from a background of management in the Construction and Textile Industries and that later developed into him becoming a qualified business coach.

Steven grew up in the beautiful City of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape where, he joined Murray & Roberts Construction in 1980 and graduated from Port Elizabeth Technikon in 1984 with a Higher National Diploma in Construction Management, and remained with M&R until 1989.

Remaining in the construction industry, he started a business with a partner for a year, and in 1990 he decided to try his hand in sales, and although learnt great lessons, discovered, this was not where he wanted to be.

In 1991, by default, Steven entered the Fashion Industry with 3 semi-retired business partners, who bought an existing button manufacturing business in JHB and by 1997,
due to the advent of Chinese imports, they found themselves in a position to consolidate with their opposition.

This resulted in a move to Cape Town with his wife and 2 young children. They experienced tough times in the consolidated business and were bought out by a young couple, where Steven remained on as Managing Director of the company.

In 2000 Steven was faced with having to make a tough decision to leave the Company due to business practices that did not align with his Core Values. Steven and his wife had just purchased their 1st house in Cape Town and his children were at Primary School and Nursery school.

It was at this moment he realised that his Values were not for sale and so with the
decision not to compromise his kids education. He sold various products to generate income and in this we survived but in this we survived and “did not need to sell my house or take my children out of school”.

In February 2001 Steven re-entered the Fashion Industry with a business partner who had been the Sales Director in the previous company he had left.

They established a business, importing and supplying trimmings and accessories to garment manufactures for the big retailers in SA.

In 2009 his partner retired and Steven carried on the business “with my amazing staff until Sept 2017.

Steven did not have any business degrees or courses behind his name and whilst he obviously had accountants and accounting software, he kept a tight rein on the business, from a finacial aspect using a self-developed excel spread sheet, that “showed me how our cash flow looked going forward, giving me a real time measure of where we were at any given point in time in the business”.

This lesson he took from running The Comrades Marathon, where his goal was to achieve a sub 7hr 30min (Silver Medal). He drew up a card, that he kept in his vest (made a pocket with his race license number) illustrating the time he had to be at each Km, serving as something to reference to as a measure to ensure that he was on pace to achieve what he set out to.

“I am proud to say that, in the 16yrs in this Business I never had an overdraft facility and the business self-funded.

I need to point out that this spreadsheet primarily served as a financial measure, which is important to any business. However, the major contributor to achieving our desired outcomes was the incredible staff I had in OUR business, who all aligned to the Vision
and Culture of the company” In 2014 Steven got a sign to follow his Purpose, to develop and grow people.

His biggest block was the fact that he was 54 years old. Dealing with this dilemma of
uncertainty, Steven engaged the services of a coach for 6 months and then studied
coaching for 2 years, receiving his Diploma in 2016, and is a registered coach with
COMENSA. (Coaches and Mentor South Africa).

“My 35+ years in various Leadership positions and being exposed to other leaders, made
me realise how influential leaders are and the impact they have on the lives of those they lead, both personally and professionally” Steven’s experience in business and his
passion to develop people, led him to take his coaching into business, confident that he
could give back by guiding and supporting his clients to Optimise the resource they have within, building high performing teams resulting in establishing. World class Organizations “through the conduit of leadership”.

It was not an easy transition starting again and Steven had to dig deep while having the courage, belief and faith to continuously Dare2be the Best Version of Himself. He knows this is a never-ending journey, a tough journey, but without doubt a fulfilling one, that has allowed him to say “for the 1st time, I am doing what I absolutely love.

Steven is currently coaching leader’s in 9 different countries; interestingly enough, not all in business, as 4 of them are Leaders of large Church Communities. “Coaching across such diversity has been an amazing learning for me in that no matter what, leadership has a certain pivotal role to play, in effectively leading others regardless of the organization they are involved in or geographical location.

Leaders TOGETHER, with those they lead, they are able to create the highest probability of achieving their desired outcomes, making Leadership a Team Sport”. Something I loved, which Steven shared with me, are his 2 simple rules of leadership, within wich he coaches

1 – It Starts With You

2 – It’s Not About You

can confidently continue without him, knowing that they can call on him at any time they deem necessary.

How would you like to “Establish Your Base Camp?” Steven is offering subscribers to Entrepreneurs Life Magazine, a 45min Coaching session that will get them started in “Establishing Their Base Camp” and requires
an investment of only R197.00 normally valued at R497.00.

You can book your session

Steven Levy. Global-Maker Coach.

+27 82 339 1510

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