Cultivate Your Work with Passion, Purpose, and a Love for Others

Whatever you do, do it with purpose, passion and a heart to love others.  These words can sound cliché, but I would challenge you to look inward. Feel the meaning of the words with every fiber of your being. I know I have struggled for many years to create and cultivate a life that truly reflects who I am called to be. My biggest struggle has been to subjugate my ego to a servant – led lifestyle. I have a servant’s heart and I always have. Putting myself ahead of others, listening to understand before I ask to be understood, and leading in a way where my heart, mind and soul are open to others, is a lifelong cultivation of humility.

Humility is defined as strength under pressure. The ability to be humble comes from a place of power from within. For me, it is my faith that gives me this power.  It is this power of strength under pressure that gives me the ability to hold my tongue even when every fiber of my being wants to do the opposite. It gives me direction to listen and suspend judgement so that others can be heard. It gives me the capacity to lead with openness to the possibilities that others have to offer.

After nearly a decade of applying communication, leadership, and service, I decided to create a brand that would produce good fruit within leaders. With a focus on Leading Inward and Serving Outward, my nuanced process helps leaders cultivate their OWN inner “containers” using the five nutrients I’ve discovered are necessary for success. These “personal nutrients” are values, boundaries, relationships, goals, and communication. Together they cultivate a container for growth,the capacity to strengthen skills, and the competence to lead.

Today, using my experience and education in effective communications, I use a holistic — mind body and soul approach that helps leaders develop professional skills. These skills create certainty, purpose, confidence, and clarity within the corporate world… and at home. I provide clients with a ready supply of the nutrients they need for healthy growth and the ability to remove “weeds” that get in their way.   At Cultivate Consulting, my clients do not walk alone. Together we cultivate a professional and personal container that produces good fruit — at work, at home, and in your community — so that they fully realize their God-given potential in all areas. 
Dorothy’s ProfileFor over a decade, Dorothy Zevenbergen of Cultivate Consulting has been developing leaders using a proprietary and nuanced servant leadership model that cultivates a container for growth, the capacity to strengthen skills, and the competence to lead the future workforce.A graduate of Gonzaga University, Zevenbergen’s career marries education, experience and passion for the critical role  of clear and effective communication within an organization,   With an eye for growth and a heart for service, Dorothy offers creative and applicable strategies for business development.


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