Born in South Africa, Ebrahim Mbokazi is one of nine siblings. His father is from Malawi, and his mother is South African. He was raised in Kwazulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg.  His love for business and making money started in grade 10. His first part job after school was as a car mechanic. He also worked part-time at a butchery before completing school. 

After matric, he wanted to study business management and marketing but his parents didn’t have the means to help him get into college or university. So he spent a year doing Islamic studies to learn more about his religion, which helped him gain more compassion, empathy, and kindness for others and live a life of gratitude.

He has worked in a retail store, and as a debt collector in a call center, and finally, as a marketing promoter for Vodacom Mpesa. During this time, he honed his communication skills, sales and discovered his passion for marketing. 

When his contract had come to an end at Vodacom, he decided to start his own Marketing business. A year later, he founded Team Brand Name Media. At that time, he learned digital marketing and how to start an online business.   

Subsequently, he has dabbled in e-commerce, selling second-hand computer parts on OLX, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace. He grew that business by importing gadgets from China to sell in South Africa until the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic. 

Currently he is working with influencers, managing their social network account and assisting them reach a wider audience. He is also working with Africa no1 E-learning Cryptocurrency platform Crypto University. 

His mission is to grow his business to become one of the leading digital Influencer marketing company in Africa and grow his personal brand.


Ebrahim Mbokazi is a South African content creator, marketer, and Cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is the founder of Team Brand Name Media, a digital marketing company. He also hosts a live stream called The Social Media Show, where he shares ideas on how new businesses can take advantage of social media to grow their brand. He also interviews upcoming and successful entrepreneurs. Ebrahim is passionate about educating people on how to start a sideline hustle online.