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CONECKT is the motherboard for our international omni-channel network of NGOs, corporates, donors, kind individuals and organizations. We facilitate the sharing of resources, information, valuable contacts and expertise to assist in empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized communities – ex-substance abusers, the aged, people who are differently abled, the neuro-diverse population and many more.

By connecting the ‘dots’ we enable many isolated organisations to CONECKT; to share information and rationalise resources – saving both time and money. We have unique fund-raising initiatives and create employment opportunities for the various organizations as well as for the beneficiaries of their programs and projects.  We upcycle goods, which not only assists with the environment, it creates an avenue for the organizations to become more sustainable.

In the words of one of our ‘dots’ “CONECKT is a unique and progressive organization that successfully facilitates collaboration between NGO’s, with the aim of sharing resources and ideas versus working in silos.  The impact they have already had on individual lives and various organizations is a testament to the powerful and valuable network of connections they have formed and the passion they have for making a difference.”

During Corona we managed to collaborate with The Angel Network, Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and Jozi Together to create what is now known as Gauteng Together. The Community Action Networks (CANS) are working tirelessly to feed people across Gauteng. This collaboration means that we are in contact with hundreds of community based organizations and individuals doing their best to find ways to use their existing resources to uplift the community. CONECKT believes in working together and we would love to partner with you to assist us in building up these vulnerable beneficiaries.



“CONECKT is a group of like- minded people who have a passion to share, support and care for human beings from all walks of life. I hope that more organizations would be part of this magical engine. Cheryl Scott, Social worker of The Harvey Cohen Centre


CONECKT uplifts and empowers individuals, communities and organizations, they encourage you, teach you practical skills, provide entertainment, share donations and create hope for the sector” Sharon Khumalo, YES 4 YOUTH candidate, hosted at CONECKT


“An organization that connects others, offers to help and creates a space for working together. We have received so much assistance from this network in the form of volunteers and fundraising, Lefika la Phodiso is proud to be connected to CONECKT” Rozanne Myburgh, Drama therapist and training coordinator


“CONECKT has supported me and given me new ideas that have helped my small business to grow, I recommend them as they have helped me to learn and given me ways to develop myself and improve my standard of living” Walter Mundoga, street wire entrepreneur 


Thanks to this amazing organization, The Angel Network has been lucky enough to connect with the most amazing, inspiring people. There is no reason to not become a member of CONECKT, The Angel Network fully endorses this platform. Wherever you are Naomi Schauer will get you CONECKTED!” Glynne Wolman, Founder of The Angel Network


“CONECKT is an incredible platform which epitomises the concepts of collaboration, connection, resource sharing and building by working together. Since joining CONECKT we have made contact with several incredibly important stakeholders, received R10 00, 4 skilled volunteers and 30 brand new tablets. Thank you for enabling us to be part of this network making amazing contributions to their community and our country at large.” Debbie Cockrell, Manager at Slovo Centre for Excellence



The network is extensive, information is curated and the technology provides a platform to improve sustainability in NGOs, bringing corporations closer to beneficiaries and individuals who want to donate or volunteer.” Dimitri Martinis, CEO of MCM Digital Media

Naomi Schauer is a high energy networker, an empath and an out of the box creative thinker. She has spent 20 years in the field of disability and mental health, initially as a teacher and then as a social worker. She is passionate about  the sector to educate, support and stimulate individuals with various levels of functioning.

In October 2019 Naomi left her job to advocate for the sector and share all she had learnt with other NGOs (charities). Naomi is the founder and CEO of C.O.N.E.C.K.T, which stands for Charitable Opportunities Networking Employability Connecting Kindness through Technology. C.O.N.E.C.K.T is a networking platform that facilitates the sharing of information, donations, support and resources.  


Naomi Schauer CIO (Chief impact officer). Naomi is the founder and CEO of C.O.N.E.C.K.T.

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