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I am an empowerment developer and if you are not sure what that means, please join me on Women’s day for a cup of tea. I am that lighthouse that guides you to safety when you are in stormy water. I am the escalator that propels you to your penthouse.

I was born and raised in the Eastern Cape on a farm in the Tarkastad district where I went to school. The Khoisan legend says the word Tarkastad means “mooi meisie fontein” . I spent a year at the South African Women Amy College in George. I spend 3 years at PE Technikon completing my diploma Cost Management Accounting. I spent 4 years as an accountant at Lingelihle, the black to local authority in Cradock.

I moved to JHB where I met my husband, but unfortunately his soul was called for higher duties. I spent 15 years at Edcon, working in all their business units. Two years before my resignation the powers to be decided that the finance department requires a restructuring. What an experience to apply for your own job. 

While in JHB I coached netball on a club and provincial level, developing many u/21 players into SA players. These were wonderful years as I see these girls developed into very beautiful ladies, especially when they contact you via Facebook and they ask me “do you remember me?” How can I forget?

I left the corporate world at the end of 2014 to start a business in collaboration with a friend, but I fell flat on my face. This left me with a journey that I can only describe as “the dark night of the soul”. In this space the only thing that I was aware of, was this force that kept on pushing me to find the truth. To find out who was talking to me while I was alone in the kitchen, to find out who sent me the most beautiful flower smell in the middle of the night. To find out who sent me this message one morning “I was just killed in a car accident” when I was busy sending love to all my friends and family. To find out who spoke to me “Your long road to freedom” after I signed up for my 3 year coaching course.

So here I am today as your empowerment developer, unhindered by the traditional way of thinking and working. I help peers, personal and professional, who are overwhelmed by their current situation, to explore alternatives. I compassionately unpack those areas of your life that are not in line with your life’s purpose, providing growth opportunities. I work with you to overcome mental barriers that prevent progress towards your long-term goals. I help you grow out of your comfort zones, delivering impact through the power of self-awareness in your everyday life. My distinct value, I deliver a nimble purpose to life.


Rita Schoeman. Coaching with heart Global.

WhatsApp +27833818624

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