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Desere started the Exploring Southcoast group in August 2020.

It was during a time when lockdown wasn’t so much restricted anymore and people started to go out more again. 

She noticed that people like to go exploring but would rather go in groups because it’s safer.

The Exploring group gave families the chance to go out as a group spending quality time together, which they missed out during the strict lockdown times.

She also gives corporate companies the chance for some team building with her out in nature.

Her heart lies out in nature but mostly it is Waterfalls that is her BIG LOVE.

There is just something about Waterfalls that makes her heart skip a beat.

Desere has a love for people, exploring and nature. When she goes on beach walks she even picks up any trash lying around. Her motto is “if each person that walks on the beach just picks up one piece of trash, the beach will always be clean.”

I think we always took it for granted to have the opportunity to go out and enjoy life. And now that we couldn’t go out for such a long time we appreciate it more.

And then someone amazing like Desere comes along to show us all the local  hidden gems that are just around the corner. 

We have such a beautiful South coast to explore. 

Exploring South Coast offers the following day hikes: group hikes,couples or solo,  joining a group on a scheduled hike, team building & any events you want for a group hike & picnic or massage after hike. 

Drive and hikes, kayaking and hikes, boat cruises, deep sea dolphin watching or fishing. Horse riding. From Tranquil to Extreme. 

They offer the above on the lower South Coast but also Drakensberg, Durban, Transkei/Pondoland. Including the hinterland hikes. 

Every 2-3 months they do 3-5 day hikes to Transkei/Pondoland.

Desere Bouillon


Desere Bouillon tour guide.


Book in advance

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