On our life’s journey, we all have our own mountains to climb, our own Everest. On this exciting journey, we will face unexpected challenges along the way, which should not stop us in our quest to reach the Summit. What is vitally important is how we best prepare ourselves, something we are 100% in control of, to face these head-on and in a way to overcome them whilst always keeping the Summit in mind. Sir Edmund Hilary would never have made it up to the top of Mount Everest without the aid of his Sherpa guide Tensing Norgay, who had vast experience, expertise and knowledge of weather conditions and passable routes


The Base Camp, an essential camp – situated more than halfway up Everest (5,316m) for a good reason. Anywhere above this, you enter a zone where life is not permanently sustainable. A well-provisioned Base Camp provides climbers with a place to best prepare themselves to make their ascent. It’s also a place to periodically return to, acclimatize and prepare the body to continue the journey up the mountain. Creating the highest probability for them to reach the Summit. 


To best prepare ourselves for the journey to the top of our Everest, it is imperative that we “Establish our Base Camp”, according to us the highest probability of reaching our Summit. Our base camp is the bedrock of who we are, both as an individual and an organization. It serves as a place to reference back to. We can periodically check-in whenever we feel the necessity to do so or encounter those unexpected challenges. We can go back to assess where we are relative to where we are going. Aording us a safe space to “Think”, recalculate, acclimatize and best prepare ourselves to once again embark on our journey for the Summit. leonie@entlifemag.com 09 060 867 6459 +27 (0) 82 339 1510 steve@dare2be.co.za www.dare2be.co.za (under construction) Too often, as entrepreneurs, business owners or leaders, we believe we need to push through those avalanches that unexpectedly come down on us. But more often than not, we find it extremely difficult to make a clear, sound decision buried beneath the chaos. Trying to push through these avalanches drains us of the energy needed to deal with events as we come out the other side – should we come out the other side. It pays to go backwards to move forwards.


The key to having the condence in doing so is to ensure you have a well “Established Base Camp.” Spending time setting up your Base camp highly increases the probability of reaching your Summit. In this regard, like the Sherpas, as your Coach, I will use my expertise, knowledge and experience, where TOGETHER we will prepare you for your journey. I walk your journey with you – “not for you!!”. I will guide, encourage and, when tiring or facing unexpected challenges, support you and, if necessary, challenge you to ensure you remain on track, aording you the highest probability of reaching your Summit and back. – “One Camp at a time”.

Author Steven Levy

Should you wish to find out more about how you best prepare yourself to Summit your Everest, please contact Steven Levy via WhatsApp or email as per the details below, or you can schedule a 45 min Discovery Session via Zoom by clicking on the link provided: https://calendly.com/steve-globalchangemakerscoach/discovery-session “To Submit Your Mountain, Know Yourself”