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As a young girl, I recall being asked what I would like to become when I grew up…

My answer: A businesswoman.

Fate however, thrust upon me something entirely different as I attempted to pursue a career. University revealed  to me the wilderness people had hinted about. Challenges emerged and soon  I had to leave. My qualification remained incomplete. The challenge grew even more when I had to choose something else to study…I completed a qualification but 

There too, my dream fell short. When I was gaining fame in the music industry because of my writing skills as a lyricist, my dream to become an entrepreneur was fading…Family responsibilities nestled on my shoulders. The dream was forgotten… 

I then studied to become a qualified educator and a few qualifications later, here I am – the Founder of a business I named, Secrets of the Seed. Having a qualification in education as my backdrop, I started to study further, read and research and stumbled upon Doterra’s unadulterated essential oils. Being a skeptic, I investigated further only to learn that this was a very high quality product.

I registered and bought some oils and used myself as a Guinea Pig. It was time to put these babies to the test.

Lo and behold! It worked… ALL of them!

After 3 months of use,one day, I had an epiphany. I was going to create my own range of beauty and health products!

Doterra essential oils would be some of the key ingredients. Out of this inspired moment, I was born… Secrets of the Seed which boasts many beauty and health products that are organic, safe, pure and so natural you can feel the earthiness. I have been using my creams and serums that I created on my skin  for a few months now. It leaves the skin  feeling like butter and silk under the warm embrace of the sun… 

my subtle blemishes on my face have lightened, my skin is clearer, even-toned and brighter and I glow, daily. Given, I have always enjoyed healthy skin, but how long can genes support you! Ever since I was 15, I was experimenting with natural ingredients. Organic products take time to show results but evading chemicals and side effects makes it worth the wait…I was 15 when I essentially began (I won’t reveal what my age is now)I definitely know it’s worth the wait. I have vast knowledge over various ingredients and what works… I’m no magician nor a medical expert, but I DO have extensive knowledge on natural products and studied them. They can transform how you feel within and without. I’m on a journey of health and wellness and creating even more positive energy for me AND for people around me. I listen to understand people when they talk to me… that’s important. It helps me help them. I customize products to suit each individual. Many have had resounding success and have returned for more from “the pot of gold”. I was a girl with a dream, now a woman is realising it. I was a girl with a passion, now a woman sharing it. Business is not about running after money. It’s about building solid foundations with people and caring. Business is about interacting effectively and knowing what your product can offer. It is about having faith in what you are offering and believing in yourself. It is about love.

It is about building relationships and knowing how to support people. “Shoving your product down someone’s throat” is not only vile and abrasive, it is also a form of  disrespect to another person. 

My ultimate secret in business: my smile

I was born to do this. 

“I will try till my very last breath to achieve and never shall I give up.

About the Author

Indira Ramadeen is a qualified educator and – the Founder of a business named, Secrets of the Seed. She also sells  Doterra’s unadulterated essential oils.



Here is Indira’s Amazing Interview with anchor fm with Nompilo Gumede.

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