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A simple story of a life changing event changing my life

By Natalie Joel Banting and keto coach as well as a life coach

Have you ever gone to your child’s school concert, sat on the plastic chair and had it break under you? (I have! SO embarrassing for me and my children…)

Have you ever gone into a clothes store to be met at the door by somebody saying “Sorry we don’t stock your size? (I have! Not pleasant)

So where did it all start? I started gaining weight as a teenager, and when I got married, I was really struggling to lose weight. I went to all the weight loss clubs of the time, and joined gyms. A few kg/lbs off then be starving and back they would come… with interest!

I suffered terribly with morning sickness ( which lasted all day) with each of my pregnancies, but still managed to balloon with each birth, and then put on even more whilst nursing. People would say, “Don’t worry it will all fall off when feeding the baby” but obviously my body had not read those rules and did not listen!!!

So… fast forward a few years, having tried all the diets, dieticians etc….. I was at my highest weight ever. I had now reached the stage when I did not know what I was going to do as I was now 1 size lower than the largest size at the Large Lady Dress shop. I was at the gym every day at least once, swimming in the mornings (I started going for stroke correction which I really enjoyed, seeing I was there every day!!) and cardio in the afternoon, boxing, spinning, Zumba etc……. just got bigger and bigger!!!

So, I was finally at another dietician. I was losing slightly but….. I was craving chocolate!!!! I would come home from the store to find a pile of chocolate wrappers on the seat next to me (wonder how they got there!)

Anyway, I decided what I needed was to be hypnotized against craving chocolate. However, I was advised to go to someone reputable, and a psychologist I knew was recommended to me. So off I went.

And did he change my life!!!!!!!!!

After listening to my tale of woe, he said he would not hypnotize me but that I should try Banting (the South African version of keto)!!! I was very taken aback. This was 6 years ago, a time when there was so much negativity about it around, with people saying you don’t know the long term effects … (well now I can give a million long term effects of banting…. All fantastic!)

When he saw I was not happy, he said this is what it is all about you need these things to start, and why not try it for 6 weeks?

So……. My six-week journey has turned into 6 years!

And the long term effects of this wonderful way of eating?

My husband has been told by his physician that he no longer has diabetes

I am no longer on blood pressure medication (It was so high I was on two)

I can see an outfit in the window and go in and buy it.

I am down from size xxxl to medium.

Together my husband and I have shed about 100kg / over 200 lbs. (and kept it off for all these years).

And we are fitter, more energetic and feel fantastic!

And the best Long Term Effect….. I no longer crave chocolate!!!

And I love this way of eating so much I am now a coach, and love helping people to get onto this path that literally saved our lives.

Natalie Joel


Natalie Joel Banting and keto coach as well as a life coach.

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