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A mother with a lot of Faith.

Part three of three.

The pain in Ankia’s tiny body is getting unbearable. She is getting stronger pain medication. She asked the oncologist if any more chemo will heal her, but the answer was “we can’t guarantee anything”..

She then decided she is not continuing any more treatment. She was given pain meds just so that most of the pain is being sedated.

Me and her Daddy make turns getting up to give her her pain meds. 

Then one morning Ankia said to me “mommy i’m so sorry I can’t go on like this, I’m praying that God will come fetch me..

Through her pain and sadness she told her one sister Ïm so scared to leave my parents behind what will happen to them if i’m not here anymore”.

She saw what happened to us when her sister Sonja passed away. 

Ankia gets Hospitalised and I promised her I will not leave her alone. She said she doesn’t want to die alone.

Two weeks have passed. Between me, her dad, Husband, my sister and friends we sat by her side. Never leaving her alone. 

Then the biggest sadness hit us, 13 September 2019 friday afternoon Jesus came to fetch my precious daughter. He set her free of all her pain and suffering. 

But her work on earth was done. Her small nr 3 shoe was fully stood in.

So many people ask us, “how do we do it”? 

It is not easy to see your children go to Heaven, pieces of your heart go with them.

You hide behind a mask no one sees or feels your pain but inside of you it’s all broken.

It feels like you want to go stand on a mountain and just scream, but then the Lord comes and takes your hand and carries you to where you can start walking again. 

It’s okay to not be okay.

Thank you Lord for creating opportunities for us that no one can take away.

Thank you for the friends that stay good hearted towards us and support us. 

You make a way where there seems to be no way.

Mom Elba, Ankia, Dad Jan.

Ankia and Mom Elba

Ankia, Erika, Sonja, Ronell & Jurie.

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