A Mother with a lot of Faith.

Part two of three.

A year and 3 months went by after Sonja’s death, Feb 2012 when our second eldest daughter Ronell 37y old, was also diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was very shocking to us, like a dark cloud over our heads, again the carpet got ripped from under us.

Ronell also went for a mastectomy. Again Mommy is there to help out where needed. 

After she recovered she also went for the necessary treatment of chemo and radiation. 

She got very ill from that. 

We Pray and hope but some days it gets so emotionally tough.

We can get out of control and talk about this pain and suffering, but there comes a time in our life when we have to take what is happening to us and swallow our pride and take it to God and say “Im here im hurt im frustrated, no one can fix this but You Lord. I give this to You I need Your help and answers Lord.”

God heard our Prayers and healed Ronell. She has been clean from cancer for 9 years now.

She went for construction on both breasts.

We Praise God for her healing all glory to Him.

Our youngest daughter Ankia was on 3y and 10 months diagnosed with Neuroblastoma a type of cancer that get diagnosed with many young kids, a very big tumor. It was removed from her belly.

At that stage i was 8months pregnant with our Son. 

There wasnt a Ancology facilities at that stage in Klerksdorp where we stayed. So every 3weeks we had to drive to Pretoria for her chemo therapy. She was 3 to 4 days in hospital at a time. During the 5th treatment she got she went into a coma, her heart stopped beating. They struggled for 5hours to stabilize her. She were in a coma for 4days but when she woke up she was like a baby again and had to learn to walk.

They stopped the chemo because of the coma. The road to recovery has started. She needed to see a Occupational therapist.It was a long and hard road to recovery. 

Ankia pulled out a Bible verse on her 4th Birthday that said “Ps. 118:17. I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.”

God had mercy on us He healed Ankia completely. For 34years we held on this promise.

At the age of 35 Ankia was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in both breasts.

Why did this happen now? What about the promise You gave her at age 4?

Sometimes things dont work out as you hope, ask or Pray but He proves His favor when he says no.

Here we are again on the same row where we were twice before, now what Lord? How will we get through this? 

Our big fight starts again. 

Ankia was a Small build girl with a bubbling personality she was blessed to have an amazing husband who she loved dearly and he loved her. 

The church members and her friends loved her dearly. 

She loved to go to the old age home with her friends it gave her much joy. She even played them songs and sang with them. 

She had a good sense of humor she gave us much joy.

Ankia went for a Double mascectomy and also reconstruction. 

Then all the chemo and radiation started. She tried to stay strong but she got very ill.

In the meantime the cancer spread to her one eye, it was very painful for her. 

She got radiation on her eye wich helped and the pain was much less.

When she had to go to the Oncology to wait for tests to be done she always chatted to her fellow patient friends she encouraged them to keep fighting, she sure was an Angel on earth. 

On 1 May 2019 Ankia had a very big operation the one prostegic had to be replaced the was complications. A few days after the operation she got very sick. 

She had tests done the results was shocking. She had cancer on her liver. Again we are speechless and hurt. 

Lord I dont understand, why? Our heart are chattered into peaces whe have so many unanswered questions. 

We often Pray “Lord if You change my sircuimstances…I will…No!!! It does not work like that it is actually the other way around.

We have to be prepared to change our attitude and handle the situations that comes on our path. Only then God will change our circumstances.

(Part 3 to be continued

Ankie & Ronell