A Creative Heart Driven to Succeed

“Do what you love and love what you do.”

I never truly understood what this meant until I started my own company, Phoenix Media. The joy that comes from starting something new and that is yours is so exciting. Nothing compares to the joy and happiness that you get when you start planning and taking the steps to lay the foundation of your business and see your brand coming together with systems falling into place.

When we start a business, it is because we have a purpose and a product or service to offer to the world. This is your WHY and what fuels the passion for what you do. During the course of business growth, you get busy working on and in your business. That commitment to growing your business is what drives you to keep going and never giving up. That very same passion and drive that you share with your clients, should be reflected in your online marketing, be it on your website or on social media. Here are a few tips on how you can share your passion and drive for your business, product, or service in the content your share online and on social media to attract your target audience:

  • Share your WHY. People love to hear the story of why a business started and what inspired the journey.
  • If you sell a product, do a behind the scenes video about what all goes into making that product.
  • Share a bit about yourself as the business owner. We all like to get to know the person behind the business.
  • Introduce your team and what their role is in the business.
  • Share successes and milestones that your business has reached, no matter how small.
  • Share customer testimonials.
  • Share fun facts about your product or service that your audience does not know about.

As a creative writer, I love sharing stories and I wanted to find a way where I can help business owners and entrepreneurs put the INTENT back into their content, by sharing that passion that they have for their business through the content that they share on social media, to reach their target audience with the skills that I have gained over the years. It is a great accomplishment for me when I am able to put a client’s vision into words and share it online, to help grow their brand and speak to their target audience. Creating content and sharing that with the online audience really is wonderful. 

Whether you choose to have someone to manage your social media marketing, need copywriting done or want to plan your social media content with a monthly strategy, we have different options and packages to suite your business needs. Helping businesses grow and reach their target audience through social media marketing and content creation is our goal at Phoenix Media.


Bio of Taryn Victor 

Taryn Victor is the Founder and Director of Phoenix Media. Her journey in social media started in 2017 when she started her blog, Diary of a Whimsical Girl. As a blogger she used social media to gain exposure as an Entertainment and Lifestyle Blogger. Taryn completed her certificate in Blogging and Content Creation in 2018, as well as Social Media Marketing in 2020. In her 4-year journey using social media, she also gained over two years’ experience in Marketing and PR, where she learned valuable skills and insights into content creation and social media marketing. 2020 showed Taryn that she was ready to take her skills and passion to another level and start her own business.

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